Drew into the light

Drew into the light

Something with a little flame

Hit the fire inside of me

Wonderin' if it ever stops

Would it be forever?

Never drew into the light

I headed for the light

Dark warehouses, where you barely see where you put your feet and then… the sun beams fall through the shattered windows. In the paramount silence it brings a mystical atmosphere in robust concrete environment. It makes me think of the Leonard Cohen sentence “There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.”. I feel an overpowering sense of hope.

Unfortunately, this old paper factory did not survive digitalisation. As a producer of old fashioned office stationary the demand just collapsed, and 400 people lost their job.

The building is empty for 5 years now and ready to be demolished.

To be a witness of what once was, to read the names of the people who worked here, to touch the machines they worked with every day,… it always feels as a privilege.

Lyrics “Velvet Green” by Tsar B

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Elfie Deprez

Elfie Deprez is an autodidactic photographer driven by curiosity and the constant urge to grow. Photography is an escape to her. An escape from the monotony of everyday life and the harsh reality of the world we live in, dominated by a pandemic. She explores unknown, forgotten and abandoned places, characterized by solitude. With her pictures she wants to take the viewer with her in her escape, in her discoveries. She has a strong attraction for darkness, decay, brutalism, roughness, authenticity and imperfection putting this in contrast with light, vulnerability, softness and naivety.