The marvels of creation

The marvels of creation

“All you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation.”

  • Paulo Coelho
Somewhere in the Namibian desert, 2021

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Pieter Jan

Pieter Jan Meuwissen was born in 1985 in Neerpelt, Belgium. Although he initially was trained as a Biologist, he quickly became passionated about travel and photography. He currently studies photography at the Sint Lucas Academy of Arts, Ghent, Belgium. One can say that the real photographer was born in 2016, when he decided to go out into the world for six months. As a freelance photographer for "The Nomads of Vranckx" he worked on various photo projects in Asia and Africa. The resulting series "From The Dust Lands", about desertification in Egypt and Ethiopia, was selected for Photography Circuit Flanders and is currently touring cultural centers in Flanders. For the series "Barangay" he is regularly visiting Manilla, where he documents the daily life some of the poor areas of the city. This work was awarded in 'de donkere kamer' with the top prize for emerging photographers in 2019. Selected images of this series have been on exposed in 2020 at FOMU Antwerp in association with the Nomaden van Vranckx