Rest in light

Rest in light

Death makes angels of us all And gives us wings Where we had shoulders Smooth as raven's Claws

This image is shot in an underground cemetery under the vibrant city centre of Brussels. The unknown entrance is hard to find. Descending from the loud and chaotic traffic, entering the deafening silence of the world of death is overwhelming. The darkness of the hallways, the coldness of the air, the robustness of the marble, the ruthlessness of death... all in exceptional contrast with the calmness and serenity of the silence, the simple beauty of the light of the sunbeams falling in the hallway. Many tombs have old pictures of his owner on them, sometimes children. All those stories left untold…

Lyrics “A Feast of Friends” by Jim Morrison

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Elfie Deprez

Elfie Deprez is an autodidactic photographer driven by curiosity and the constant urge to grow. Photography is an escape to her. An escape from the monotony of everyday life and the harsh reality of the world we live in, dominated by a pandemic. She explores unknown, forgotten and abandoned places, characterized by solitude. With her pictures she wants to take the viewer with her in her escape, in her discoveries. She has a strong attraction for darkness, decay, brutalism, roughness, authenticity and imperfection putting this in contrast with light, vulnerability, softness and naivety.