The insufficiency of explanations

The insufficiency of explanations

The only thing we are certain of

after all these years

is the insufficiency of explanations

The sound of breaking glass beneath my feet, the smell of pigeon shit, the deafening silence,… entering an abandoned and forgotten place. This old staircase was once used by nuns, and later by whispering school children climbing it every morning with  their small stamping feet. On the walls there were pictures of their faces. On the last day, when everybody left, nobody took the effort to remove these portraits. Who were they? Are they still alive? Do they remember their childhood days?

Parts of the building date from 1867, ready to be demolished. The smiling faces on the wall will disappear. Memories will fade. When I look at this picture I hear children giggle…

Lyrics “Suicide underground” by Air (from the movie The Virgin Suicides)

Drew into the light

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Elfie Deprez

Elfie Deprez is an autodidactic photographer driven by curiosity and the constant urge to grow. Photography is an escape to her. An escape from the monotony of everyday life and the harsh reality of the world we live in, dominated by a pandemic. She explores unknown, forgotten and abandoned places, characterized by solitude. With her pictures she wants to take the viewer with her in her escape, in her discoveries. She has a strong attraction for darkness, decay, brutalism, roughness, authenticity and imperfection putting this in contrast with light, vulnerability, softness and naivety.

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